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Kevin U. Ennis,
PDDGM, Secretary
P. O. Box 22
Beaufort, SC 29901

O.E.S. 1st Tuesday, 8:00 PM
Rainbow Girls 1st & 3rd Mondays, 7:00 PM

Your frequent appearance at our regular meetings is earnestly solicited.

Trestleboard NewsLetter, May 2012.

Paul S. Griffin, WM

Brethren, ,

The work in our lodge has been continuing over the past month. There are several candidates being coached to become proficient for advancement to the next degree. Additionally, there are several petitioners being investigated by their committees whose reports are forthcoming at the next regular communication.

Over the past few weeks our lodge has focused on degree work and maintenance issues. While both of these have been given the necessary attention, clearly the former has been more enjoyable than the latter!

Brother James M. Outlaw, Jr. was raised to the degree of Master Mason on March 26, and Brother Sam Keeler was passed to the degree of Fellowcraft on April 19. Congratulations to both of these men as each continues on his Masonic journey. Many thanks to all who participated in the degree work, especially our guest lecturers: RWB Joe Giunta, PDDGM from Port Royal No. 242 who gave the Master Mason lecture and WB Henry Garbade, PM from American No. 98 who presented the Fellowcraft lecture. Both of these brothers do an outstanding job and I heartily recommend that you attend the work whenever and wherever they are lecturing; I am confident that you will not be disappointed.

The potholes at the entrance to the parking lot have been filled in through the efforts of WB Craig Dopson, PM. We are all grateful to him for providing the materials and labor for this project and to Brother Emerson Dickson for his assistance. On another front, the replacement of the air-conditioners is underway. At our most recent communication it was decided to move forward with this much-needed repair. Knight Air has been contracted to install the new units and work is scheduled to start straightaway. The cost of this project is nearly $16,000 and will be paid for by using a portion of existing lodge funds as well as money raised from a capital campaign which will have been launched by the time you read this newsletter. Brothers, we really need your help to make the campaign a success, so please consider making a contribution. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me and I will be happy to answer them.

I have just returned from the 275th Annual Communication of The Most Worshipful Grand Lodge of Ancient Free Masons of South Carolina which was held in North Charleston, April 26-27; it was an experience I will not soon forget. In addition to our Grand Lodge officers and Masons from across our fair state, there were in attendance delegations from over twenty other states, a number of appendant bodies, the United Grand Lodge of England and the Grand Lodge of France. The Charleston Police Bagpipe Unit provided the musical accompaniment for the processional ceremony which was quite impressive. After a day and a half of speeches, presentations, motions and perfunctory votes, the business of our Grand Jurisdiction was accomplished along with the election and installation of the Grand Lodge officers. RWB Chuck Weickhardt, of our own lodge, was reappointed as the District Deputy Grand Master for the 4th Masonic District and we extend our congratulations to him. All of us as Masons in South Carolina should be proud of the statewide fund-raising efforts that financed two important projects: the purchase of a van for use by the Veterans Home in Walterboro and some $16,000 for breast cancer research.

Please note that applications may still be submitted to me for a college scholarship which is awarded annually by the Low Country Masters & Wardens Club. It is presented to a graduating high school senior who has been accepted by a college or university and is based on merit and academic achievement. The recipient must be a resident of the 4th Masonic District of South Carolina and a child or grandchild of a Mason who is a member in good standing of a Lodge in the 4th Masonic District of South Carolina. Please contact Bro. Laurence Laughlin or myself for further information.

I hope to see you at our next communication!

In Service to the Craft,

Paul S. Griffin,

Worshipful Master


Why does Freemasonry forbid brethren to ask their friends to become Masons?

One of the fundamental concepts of Freemasonry is that application for membership must be wholly a voluntary act. A man must seek for himself and join “of my own free will and accord.” Under no other formula can men unite brethren of a thousand religious and political beliefs. Under no more constricting act could Freemasonry accomplish her only end, the building of character among men. Men who become members of a Masonic lodge for any other reason than their own desires can neither receive nor give to others the advantages of a wholly voluntary association. Freemasonry is bigger than any man; the man must seek its blessings; it never seeks the man. [One Hundred One Questions About Freemasonry, The Masonic Service Association, 2003]

Something for Everyone

Advertise your fraternal affiliation proudly! The Harmony Lodge jewelry cabinet is OPEN FOR BUSINESS. From bumper stickers to lapel pins and anything in between, all you have to do is ask your Senior Warden. Cash, check or money order, they’re all good. If you don’t see it, ask and it shall be rendered unto you via catalog order or a quick look in a box or under something else. We have Blue Lodge, Scottish Rite, York Rite and Eastern Star paraphernalia and prices, unfortunately, are reflective of current inflationary spirals.


Howard R. Harris

Senior Warden & NewsLetter Editor


I recently stumbled across and interesting history of pre-masonry. This particular item is taken from “The History of Masonry” at Carnaval.com and prescribes that Masonry was an evolution of existing higher guild Many of you have no doubt noticed the “Happy Birthday” table near the end of the newsletter. If you do not see your birthday listed and would like to see it so listed, there is ONE thing you can do: contact your Senior Warden/Newsletter Editor via telephone or email and give him your birthday in the following format: MM/DD. For example, my birthday is 11/05, and I will list it in November. Don’t be embarrassed. I am not interested in the year of your birth, only in the month and day. Thank you. structures from Ancient Egypt, Persia and Rome. Specific credit for the foundation and evolution of Masonry is placed on the Egyptian priesthood and the Roman Collegia.

Mithraism was a religion that is considered a precursor to Masonry. It had no dogma, no revelation, no history of miracles; was totally tolerant, stressing benevolence, possessed ranks as [secret] initiation rites of consecrated Mithraism -- and barred women.

Masonry is the preservation of an ancient system of esoteric knowledge with four principle ideas: belief in one God, a teaching of immortality, a symbolic idea of building and a seeking after something which was lost.

Indeed, these characteristics in Masonry are found not just in the Mysteries of Mithras but also among the Ancient Egyptians in the Mysteries of Osiris, where it is said Moses was initiated into the solemn rites by the powerful priesthood which antedated the return of the chosen people of God; within the old Persian Mysteries of Mithras as administered by the Magi, the concepts of rebirth and life after death are strong within the Dionysian Mysteries of Greece, which were practiced throughout the Mediterranean and probably carried by the workmen of Tyre into Jerusalem when Solomon’s temple was built on Mount Moriah. We also find these four characteristics in the mysteries of Bacchus in early Rome; later in the Roman Collegia of Builders; and in the teachings of the peaceful Essenes along the Jordan, who played a dominant role in the ideas of John the Baptist and Jesus.

Author Unknown


Christian Sherbert

Junior Warden

Good day my Brothers, ,

I certainly hope that this newsletter finds each of you in good health and spirit. Our Lodge building is not in as favorable health as we would like. We find ourselves in need of replacing our HVAC system and this will be an expensive undertaking. The financial health of our lodge will be negatively affected by this project. I would ask that each of you make sure you have paid your dues by checking your dues card to be sure you are current.

Of possible interest to our craft are some membership statistics. We currently have approximately 180 members. 55 are Life Members (40 dues paying years) and no longer pay dues. 53 are Perpetual Life Members and we receive a portion of the interest earned on their investment each and every year in perpetuity. Based on these figures it leaves us with 72 regular dues paying members. These statistics are not exact, and include Life Members who also purchased a Perpetual Life Membership.

On a positive note, we have 8 candidates actively pursuing their Masonic journey at Harmony Lodge. Our work is some of the best I remember in years and I am pleased each time our Worshipful Master puts on a degree.

Please come out and participate in some of our upcoming events, Regular or Special Communications and bring your ladies when appropriate.

See you at the Lodge!

Respectfully and Fraternally,

Kevin V. Ennis, PDDGM


Note: Your newsletter editor needs your correct/updated email address; please send it to him at 843-524-0981 (home) or 843-441-8317 (mobile) or howardharris@hargray.com.

From Home Page WEB Manager

Dear Brethern,

Here is the calendar for May 2012.
(A copy in Adobe PDF form is here for easy printing and reading) PUT THIS CALENDAR ON YOUR REFRIGERATOR AS A REMINDER.

Wit & Wisdom

“Those who are not looking for happiness are the most likely to find it, because those who are searching forget the surest way to be happy is to seek happiness for others.”

-- Martin Luther King

“One cannot live a meaningful life unless there is something one is prepared to give it up for.”

-- Educator Anthony Kronman

“Sex is like money; only too much is enough.”

-- John Updike

“Modesty is the only sure bait when you angle for praise.”

-- British Statesman Philip Stanhope

“Things turn out best for the people who make the best out of the way things turn out.”

-- Art Linkletter

“There is no instance of a nation benefiting from prolonged warfare.”

-- Sun Tzu, author of The Art of War

“Be sincere, be brief, be seated.”

-- Franklin D. Roosevelt

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday Dear Brothers, Happy Birthday to you!

05.01 Kevin Usif Ennis

05.06 Walter Bernard Rattray II

05.02 Laron Hubert Cain

05.07 Tony DeJesus Genao

05.02 Raymond Carrol Fletcher

05.07 Richard G. Hall

05.02 Percy Alan Rowland

05.20 Daryl Bruce Rhoads, Jr.

05.02 Chance Edward Vann

05.22 Scott William Robinson

05.25 Michael James Liberty

05.04 Robert Clayton Heck

05.28 Melvin Schoenberg

05.06 Elbert C. Jackson, Jr.

05.30 Charlie Wilder Dempsey

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