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Harmony Lodge 22 Newsletter

Howard R Harris

No. XI

No. 3

A.D. 2014
A.L. 6014


Christian Sherbert, WM
1200 Brotherhood Way
Beaufort, SC 29902


Please contact your Lodge Secretary
to determine your dues and membership status.

Paul S. Griffin, Secty,

One Cotton Court
Beaufort, SC 29907

Your frequent appearance at our regular meetings is earnestly solicited.

Brethren, Behold your Lodge Officers of 2014:

Back Row:  Sam T. Baker, Tyler; Charles F. Weickhardt, Treasurer pro tem; Scott W. Robinson, Chaplain: and Paul S. Griffin, Secretary

Front Row:  Howard R. Harris, Senior Deacon; David S. Spears, Senior Warden; Christian E. Sherbert, Worshipful Master; J. Howell Youmans, Junior Warden; and James M. Outlaw, Junior Deacon



I hope this newsletter finds all our Brethren doing well and in good repair following the recent winter storms of 2014. We had a good attendance at our February Regular Communication. Right Worshipful DDGM Henry Garbade joined us for his annual official visit and shared an insightful Masonic Education Lecture on Jephtha, Judge of Israel.

We discussed many of the ongoing maintenance issues surrounding our Blue Lodge as well as some logistical financial issues. The primary discussion we have been having for some time is the future of the Harmony Lodge newsletter. In reviewing of our budgets and logistics surrounding the Newsletter, we have been wrestling with the following issues:

1. Harmony Lodge has 165 brothers of whom approximately 90 receive the Newsletter through the post and 75 via Email.
2. The publication of our monthly newsletter costs the Lodge over $1,500 per year.
3. We receive, on average, about $5,000 in annual dues. The $1,500 per year spent on the Newsletter equates to 30% of our annual budget.
4. Over the past three years we have had several building maintenance costs:) two new air conditioners; b) one new water heater; c) landscaping and tree trimming’ d) one new handicap access ramp; e) one new stove; and f) a potentially new ($25,000+/-) roof we need to be planning and preparing for in the near future.

Harmony Lodge, as most of you already know and have experienced, does not have an unlimited budget. We are not out of money, but we need to be planning for the future in a judicious manner. With that in mind, I have organized a committee chaired by Ken Clapper, with Sam Baker and Howard Harris, to review the costs and potential future of the Newsletter and report to us their recommendation to be voted on at next Regular Communication on March 13. The committee is under instruction to focus on the following:

* Gathering as many emails as possible to reduce the number of mailings.
* Reducing the frequency of the mailings, possibly from monthly to a quarterly.

We all understand that many of the brethren have given of their time, talents, and money over the years. We do not want to leave any of the brethren in the dark. However, we also realize as Master Masons we all appreciate prudent financial management, and want our Lodge to manage its affairs as carefully as possible.

Prior to the March 13th Regular Communication, we need to accumulate as many Email addresses as possible. The committee needs to determine the number of non-Email users to help in our assessment of the future costs of mailings. This will help us to determine what frequency we can offer with the mailing. Please contact me or any of our officers and give us your Email address if you have not already done so.

January and February took a toll on our fraternal membership. The altar has been draped in memory of Ray Kearns, Dan Thompson, Joseph Lipsitz, William Ballard, Sr., and “Lew” Parker. Masonic Rights were performed in January for Ray Kearns and Dan Thompson, and in February for Joseph Lipsitz and William Ballard, Sr., as a courtesy for Unity Lodge in Walterboro. No Masonic Rights were requested for “Lew” Parker.

On Friday, February 14th we hosted our annual Valentine’s Day Dinner and had more than 30 in attendance. We feasted on a fair of pot pies (both chicken and beef), fruit salad and a sundry of homemade desserts. Our Chefs were Darlene Dopson, Sandi Spears, and Joan Harris who were assisted by their Sous Chefs PM Craig Dopson, PM Charlie Spears, and PM Howard Harris. It was a fun-filled evening and much appreciated by all of those in attendance.

I hope to see all of you in March for the Regular Communication. We have had a busy year to date and have many decisions ahead of us that will affect our Blue Lodge for years to come. Please stop by and see us so we can see how you are doing, find out about some Brothers you may be keeping in touch with, and to share some fellowship.


Christian Sherbert

Worshipful Master


Errata: In the February newsletter, it was suggested that, “. . . no Past Master, in the absence of the Master, may legally congregate the Lodge. That must be done by the Master, the Senior Warden in the absence of the Master, or the Junior Warden in the absence of both.” According to Article 122 of our Constitution, CHAPTER XVI. Of the Wardens of a Lodge, we read that “. . . if the Worshipful Master be absent, the Wardens, according to seniority, or a Past Master of the Lodge according to seniority if neither Warden is present, shall be empowered to convene the Lodge for the sole purpose of holding a Memorial Service or Burial Service.” The article, “The Wardens” did not point this out, and it is peculiar to our jurisdiction here in South Carolina. Thanks are due for this to RW Joe Giunta, PDDGM. [Emphasis by Editor]

Tell the World

“Neither are you to suffer your zeal for the Institution to lead you into argument with those who, through ignorance, may ridicule it.”

This cautionary sentence in the Charge to an Entered Apprentice deserves more elaboration that it usually receives. Some manners and customs peculiarly Masonic arouse the unthinking laughter of those who understand them not. No need for argument regarding them exists, but sometimes an honest question deserves an honest answer.

The psychologist finds in the grandiloquent titles of officers in some fraternal orders what he calls “an avenue of escape from reality.” His theory is that many a man whose success in the world is but modest finds a satisfaction in being called Most Exalted High Chief Sachem of the Purple Palace, which he never obtains in the mundane world. The non-Masonic student of psychology hearing of “Worshipful Master” and “Most Worshipful Grand Master” often thinks Masonry has adopted high-sounding titles for similar reasons.

Nothing could be further from the truth. The Wycliffe Bible (Mathew xix 19) reads: “Worshipful thi fadir and thi modir.” The Authorized Version translates “worship” to “honor” – “Honor thy father and thy mother.” In parts of England today one hears the Mayor spoken of as Worshipful; the word is used in its ancient sense as meaning one worthy, honorable, to be respected. “Worshipful,” as applied to the Master of a Lodge, does not mean that we should bow down to him in adoration. Our Masters, in being called “Worshipful” are not (as some ignorant critics have said) being put by us in the same class with God, but are paid a tribute of respect in the language of two or more centuries ago..

Several distinct meanings attach to the word “grand.” The most common is (Funk and Wagnalls dictionary) “of imposing character or aspect, magnificent in proportion, extent.” In this way we speak of the Capitol at Washington as “grand”; the nation as a “grand” country, the coronation of the King of England as a “grand” ceremony.

But “grand” has another meaning. The same dictionary specifies that it connotes “preeminence of rank or order, of prime importance, principal.” In this sense we speak of a “grand” parent, a “grand” jury, a “grand” total. Hence the Most Worshipful Grand Master of the Grand Lodge means simply “The Master, most worthy of respect, of the Lodge which is preeminent in rank in Masonry,” an expression which has the respectability of a great antiquity behind it.

Undeniably a white apron is not, sartorially considered, a decorative addition to conventional dress! But neither is the surplice of an Episcopalian minister, the headdress of an orthodox Jewish Rabbi, or the silk hat of the formal opera goer a thing of beauty.

The badge of a Mason has the respectability and the symbolism of a great antiquity. In the most ancient religions of Israel, Egypt, Chaldea, and the Orient, we discover that the apron was of symbolic significance. In the mysteries of Mithras, in Persia, candidates were invested with a white apron. Old carvings, venerable statues, the remnants of ancient writings, thousands of years old, all show that the apron was a part of the formal dress in many a religion and initiation.

The apron was a practical matter to stone masons; it protected the person of the wearer from chafing and injury, and when equipped with a pocket, provided the wearer with convenient receptacle for chisel and common gavel. When the ancient society changed from Operative to Speculative, the tools of a Mason became symbols for moral instruction; the practical dress of the hewer of stone, the honorable badge of the Freemason. When this is made known to the profane, he no longer sees in our clothing any reason for laughter.

“. . . And Give Them Proper Instruction.” The Masonic Service Association, February, 1988


David Spears

Senior Warden


Explain the letters GAOTU

Grand Architect, Great Architect, Grand or Great Artificer of the Universe are titles under which Freemasonry refers to Deity. A fundamental of Freemasonry is its nonsectarian character; any man may offer his devotions to the Deity he reveres, under the Masonic title, no matter what name he may use in his religion. Great Architect of the Universe (or any of its variations) is a symbol of Deity as named and worshipped in all religions.

[One Hundred One Questions About Freemasonry, The Masonic Service Association, 2003]


Howard R. Harris

Senior Deacon & Newsletter Editor

The fraternity of Free and Accepted Masons has members from every ethnic group and every continent in the world. Brotherhood is a primary teaching of Masonry--that each person must be judged as an individual, on his own merits, and that such factors as race, national origin, religious creed, social status, or wealth are incidental to the person’s character.

Freemasonry was brought to North America in the 1700s, a time when racial attitudes were very different from today. As happened with many churches and social organizations, these attitudes caused Freemasonry for African-American men to develop independently. In 1776, a group of African-American Masons in Boston began meeting as a Lodge; they were formally chartered by England in 1784 as African Lodge #459. African Lodge and its descendants developed a separate Grand Lodge system, known as Prince Hall Masonry (after the first Master of African Lodge). Prince Hall Grand Lodges ascribe to the same beliefs and rituals of Freemasonry as do all regular Masonic Lodges throughout the world.

Since a petition for membership in Masonry does not ask a petitioner’s race, statistics on ethnic breakdowns are not kept by any Grand Lodge. Collecting such information is considered as inappropriate as collecting information about a Brother’s financial standing. A lodge is not permitted to accept or exclude a candidate on the basis of his race or national origin. To petition for membership, the petitioner must be “a man of legal age, good reputation, and possess a belief in God.” While election to membership in the fraternity is a matter for the local lodge to decide, the qualifications for membership are standard, and all Masons are required to observe them.

Wit & Wisdom

“A man who is ignorant of foreign languages is ignorant of his own.”

-- Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

“To invent, you need a good imagination and a pile of junk.”

-- Thomas Edison

“You don’t get what you deserve, you get what you negotiate.”

-- British journalist Stephen Pollard

Fire is the test of gold, adversity of strong men.”

-- Seneca

“An education isn’t how much you have committed to memory, or even how much you know. It’s being able to differentiate between what you do know and what you don’t.”

-- Anatole France

“Conceit is God’s gift to little men.”

-- Advertising executive Bruce Barton

“Worry is a misuse of imagination.”

-- Writer Dan Zadra

Brethren, Note: Your newsletter editor (WM) needs your correct/updated email address; also your birthday (MM/DD). Please call him or send it to him at 843-524-0981 (home) or 843-441-8317 (mobile) or howardharris@hargray.com.

ALSO: Harmony Lodge is in need of a cook. Please call or email your Worshipful Master to step up to the plate and volunteer for this important job.

From Home Page WEB Manager

Dear Brethern,

Here is the calendar for March 2014.
(A copy in Adobe PDF form is here for easy printing and reading) Put this calendar on your refrigerator as a reminder.

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday Dear Brothers, Happy Birthday to you!


Joseph Timothy Dyches Jr.


Rudolph Arnold Branton


George W. Starega Jr.


Norman Francis (Sonny) Gay


Christian Everette Sherbert


Dan H. Thompson


Clinton Arthur Porter


Matthew Mihiylov


Richard Aldan Clark


Larry Ashby Bradham


Harold Chapman Jr.


Ralph Stuart Kaney


James Ryan Gilchrist


Willard Gowin Tuten


Mark “J” Henderson


David William Bair

Please note that important changes are in the offing. It is important that the brethren have Email capability, or access to a computer, or a friend or relative with a computer and Email capability. It is almost certain that the Harmony Lodge newsletter will, in the near future, be sent out via Email and only by First Class mail to those 90 brethren in good standing. If you value the information and inspiration found in your monthly newsletter, you have some time to become computer friendly, so please consider this brotherly word of good will.

Also, if you wish to do without the monthly newsletter by post or by Email, attending lodge meetings is always the best idea.


Howard R. Harris

Senior Deacon & Newsletter Editor

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