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Kevin U. Ennis,
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O.E.S. 1st Tuesday, 8:00 PM
Rainbow Girls 1st & 3rd Mondays, 7:00 PM

Your frequent appearance at our regular meetings is earnestly solicited.

Trestleboard NewsLetter, July 2012.

Paul S. Griffin, WM

Brethren, ,

This past month our Lodge was fortunate to initiate two good men as Entered Apprentices. Lucas L. Warner was made a Mason on June 7th, and three weeks later on June 28th, Michael A. Garrett was initiated. Both times the work was done by the same brothers. Our Junior Warden, Christian Sherbert, is to be commended for the fine job that he did in conducting the ritual. A very good Apron Lecture was presented by Larry Morales who serves as our Senior Steward and I managed the presentation of the Working Tools and Charge. RWB Joe Giunta, PDDGM from Port Royal Lodge, as always, was very effective in his lecture on the First Degree. He really enjoys presenting the lectures and we are fortunate that he readily avails himself to do so. Thanks to all who participated and attended.

With the two just mentioned above, there are now a total of six brothers laboring in our Lodge as Entered Apprentices. Their coaches indicate that several of them will be ready to be passed as Fellow Crafts very soon and that degree has been scheduled for Thursday, July 26. Please plan to attend.

I am pleased to report that the two new HVAC units have been installed and are operational! This comes as a great relief to many, both figuratively and literally. While we can once again enjoy using the building in a temp¬erature controlled environment, we are faced with the arduous task of paying for these improvements. Many thanks to all of you who made a financial contribution to the capital campaign to defray the costs of this project. To date, we have had a very good response to the campaign and have raised $6,105 toward our goal of $16,000, but we are still in need of funds to meet the total cost of the work. I have, therefore, chosen to extend the campaign to allow additional contributions to be received. If you have not yet made a contribution or are willing to make an additional one, please consider helping out; any amount would be helpful and appreciated.

We greatly appreciate the following brothers for their generous financial support of the HVAC capital campaign fund:

James C. Adams

James W. Dukes

Ray L. Harvey

James Mendel Outlaw, Jr.

Samuel T. Baker

Joseph T. Dyches, Jr.

Robert B. Hill

William L. Parker

Arthur Gene Bellis

Edward L. Emanuel

Delmer 'Rusty' Hollingsworth

Robert V. Pinkston

William L. Bethea, Jr.

George F. Emminger, Jr.

John R. Hudson

R. Lynwood Polin

Hal P. Cahill

Kevin U. Ennis

Billy Frank Johnson, Jr.

Birger K. Rasmussen

Laron H. Cain

Raymond C. Fletcher

Laurence E. Laughlin

Scott W. Robinson

Chapman Living Trust

Harold P. Greene, Jr.

Jamie X. Martinez

Robert W. Squires

Clayton H. Cooler

John M. Griffin, Jr.

Vaughn H. Meese

William B. Ten Eyck

Charlie W. 'Dempey' Dempsey

Paul S. Griffin

H. H. Mills, Jr.

J. Howell Youmans

Emerson G. Dickson

Howard R. Harris

R. Wayne Milner

Craig B. Dopson

John G. Harvey

E. W. 'Bill' Nettles

Please plan on attending the meetings of our Lodge. Remember that we meet in Regular Communication on the second Thursday of each month; supper is at 6:30 PM with the gavel dropping at 7:30 PM. Special Com-munications are scheduled on an “as-needed” basis and generally occur on the fourth Thursday at the afore-mentioned times. Your frequent appearance is earnestly solicited!

In Peace and harmony,

Paul S. Griffin

Worshipful Master


Masonic dates are written “A.L.” before figures which never correspond with the number of the year in which we live; why?

Freemasonry’s practice has followed the ancient belief that the world was created four thousand years before Christ; that when God said “Let there be light” the world began. Therefore Masons date their doings four thousand years plus the current year, “Anno Lucis,” or “In the year of Light.”

It is but another of Freemasonry’s many ties with a day so old no man may name it. [One Hundred One Questions About Freemasonry, The Masonic Service Association, 2003]

Something for Everyone

Advertise your fraternal affiliation proudly! The Harmony Lodge jewelry cabinet is OPEN FOR BUSINESS. From bumper stickers to lapel pins and anything in between, all you have to do is ask your Senior Warden. Cash, check or money order, they’re all good. If you don’t see it, ask and it shall be rendered unto you via catalog order or a quick look in a box or under something else. We have Blue Lodge, Scottish Rite, York Rite and Eastern Star paraphernalia and prices, unfortunately, are reflective of current inflationary spirals.

Brethren, ,



Clifton L. Simmons, Jr., PDDGM and Secretary of Gaston Lodge No. 382, writes: I read your article in the Harmony Lodge 22 Newsletter with interest. I would like to point you to another source of information. Please see the article AYM + MM = AFM in the 1994 edition of Transactions (the publication of the South Carolina Masonic Research Society). The article was originally published December 6, 1975 as part of the Masonic Ignitors In-Depth Workshops.

As the referenced article is rather large, it cannot be reproduced here; however, it is nonetheless very informative. I wholeheartedly recommend it to those of you whose interest in Masonic history is stimulated by the questions raised in the Harmony 22 June 2012 newsletter.

Recent Arrivals

A little update on me: I’m still working on the police force and doing very well enjoying helping people. I have not affiliated with a lodge up here. Unfortunately, I don’t have a lot of time between family commitments, work and overtime shifts. I do miss Harmony very much and I am looking forward to getting back to the Craft as soon as possible. We have an English bulldog named Colonel Porkchop and my wife just got a minivan to haul the clan around in. Other than that, everyone’s health is good and we are all happy as far as I can tell. It sure does take some adjustment to raise a family and still find quality time for me and the wife. Hope things are well in Beaufort.

All the best,


In Memoriam


The father of one of our Past Masters' of Harmony Lodge passed. Harry Gresham Rountree III, 67, of Beaufort, SC and widower of Diana Ruth Rountree, died Wednesday morning, May 30, 2012, at his home.

Born in Washington, DC, he was a son of the late Harry Gresham Rountree, Jr. and the late Laura Elizabeth Maples Rountree. Mr. Rountree was a United States Marine Corps veteran having served during the Vietnam War. He retired from General Electric as a calibrator. Brother Rountree was a Past Master of Harmony Lodge 22 and Chief of the Burton Fire District.

Surviving are one son, Harry G. Rountree and his wife, Theresa, of Beaufort, SC; two daughters, Amanda “Mandi” Rountree Haire and her husband, Chris, of Monroe, NC and Mary Jane Sourdif and her husband, Hank, of Pensacola, Florida; one sister, Linda Sue Rountree or Charleston, SC; one brother, James G. Rountree of Wilson, NC and eleven grandchildren.


Howard R. Harris

Senior Warden & NewsLetter Editor


I hope you are all enjoying the cooler meetings since the installation of our new air conditioning units. Our Stewards, Larry Morales and Jim Outlaw, have been preparing some new culinary creations and doing an excellent job in our degree work. Please remember to thank them for their efforts in the kitchen.

Last month I included the first half of a two-part masonry quiz. Below is the second half along with the answers. Please submit your score back to me via email at Christian@islandrealty.info as there is a prize for First Place.


MASTER MASON QUIZ – Questions 11-20

11.  What is the Masonic definition of “Low Twelve”?

a.  Midnight

b.  Noon

c.  The number of Lodge Officers

d.  The number of Craftsmen

16.  What are the rights of a Master Mason?

a.  Masonic Relief, Masonic Visitation and Funeral Rites

b.  Brotherly Love, Relief and Truth

c.  Masters Wages

d.  Masonic Charity

12.  What do the points of fellowship promote?

a.  Love and Hope

b.  Peace and Harmony

c.  Fidelity and Unity

d.  Charity and Forgiveness

17.  Who can establish Masonic Law?

a.  The District Deputy Grand Master

b.  The Worshipful Master

c.  Any Master Mason

d.  The Grand Lodge

13.  Who was the Lion of the Tribe of Judah?

a.  Boaz

b.  Hiram Abif

c.  King Solomon

d.  Moses

18.  What is the principle working tool of a Master Mason?

a.  Level

b.  Plumb

c.  Compass

d.  Trowel

14.  What does the Sprig of Acacia represent?

a.  Immortality

b.  Honesty

c.  Charity

d.  Truth

19.  How many Master Masons constitute a Lodge of Master Masons?

a.  3

b.  5

c.  7

d.  9

15.  What does ‘The All Seeing Eye” represent?

a.  The Sanctum Sanctorum

b.  The Holy of Holies

c.  A Lodge of Master Masons

d.  The Deity

20.  Who are they?

a.  Worshipful Master, Tiler and Secretary

b.  Worshipful Master, Senior and Junior Wardens

c.  Worshipful Master, Senior and Junior Deacons

d.  Worshipful Master, Senior and Junior Stewards
























Christian Sherbert

Junior Warden

Fraternal Greetings Brothers, ,

The summer heat is here! Be careful with outdoor activities. Be sure to dress appropriately, wear sunscreen and hats and drink lots of water. Hydration is the key to fighting environmental stress.

Donations are the key to fighting financial stress at Harmony Lodge. It seems as though our capital campaign to pay for the HVAC has stalled. Brethren, if you have not already contributed please consider doing so. We have only raised one-fourth of what we spent.

We are investigating a cell phone app to keep our members better connected with each other and with Lodge activities. Would you be likely to use/benefit from such an application? Please let me know your thoughts by contacting me at kevin.ennis@rocketmail.com, Subject: App

Enjoy your summer!


Kevin V. Ennis, PDDGM


Note: Your newsletter editor needs your correct/updated email address; please send it to him at 843-524-0981 (home) or 843-441-8317 (mobile) or howardharris@hargray.com.

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Dear Brethern,

Here is the calendar for July 2012.
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Wit & Wisdom

“The arc of the moral universe is long but it bends toward justice.”

-- Martin Luther King Jr.

“We campaign in poetry, but govern in prose.”

-- Mario Cumo

“If you hate a person, you hate something in him that is part of yourself. What isn’t part of ourselves doesn’t disturb us.”

-- Herman Hessee

“The most exhausting thing in life is being insincere.”

-- Anne Morrow Lindbergh

“The heart of a fool is his mouth, but the mouth of a wise man is his heart.”

-- Benjamin Franklin

“Keep your friendships in good repair.”

-- Samuel Johnson

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday Dear Brothers, Happy Birthday to you!

07.02 Robert Bringle Anderson

07.19 Charles Gary Spears

07.04 Roger Warren Ward

07.20 Denver Gerald Gulledge, Jr.

07.05 John Howard Hogue

07.23 Henry C. Chambers

07.09 Martin Len Thomas

07.24 William S. Creighton,Jr.

07.12 Richard Brian Bruce

07.24 Rickey L. Smith

07.16 William Biddle Ten Eyck

07.25 Homer Kelly Stewart, Jr.

07.18 Charles Anthony Bush

07.26 Robert Dysart Cathey II

07.18 James Seaborn Locke, Jr.

07.28 Matthew Samuel Dickens

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