Harmony Lodge, # 22, A.F.M.

Depot Road

P. O. Box 22 Beaufort, S.C. 29901


Second Thursday each Month Supper 6:30 Meeting 7:30



Paul S. Griffin, WM
One Cotton Court
Beaufort, SC 29907


Please contact your Lodge Secretary
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to determine your dues and membership status.

Kevin U. Ennis,
PDDGM, Secretary
P. O. Box 22
Beaufort, SC 29901


O.E.S. 1st Tuesday, 8:00 PM
Rainbow Girls 1st & 3rd Mondays, 7:00 PM

Your frequent appearance at our regular meetings is earnestly solicited.

Trestleboard NewsLetter, January 2012.

Paul S. Griffin, WM

Brethren, ,

My election and installation as Worshipful Master of Harmony Lodge is a great honor and privilege for me. It is a responsibility that I do not take lightly and one that I undertake with humility. That the installation cere-mony was led by Most Worshipful Brother Robert V. Pinkston, PGM and Right Worshipful Brother Charles F. Weickhardt, DDGM, made it particularly special for me, and I thank both of them for it. Being chosen to lead an institution that has existed in Beaufort for over 250 years, nearly as old as the town, is a daunting task, and I pledge to do my best in this newly acquired role. I look forward to 2012 with optimism and feel confident that any challenges can be overcome, especially with the assistance of a very capable group of officers.

I am pleased to announce that the following brothers have been installed as officers of the Lodge: Howard Harris as Senior Warden, Christian Sherbert as Junior Warden, Johnny Harvey, PM as Treasurer, Kevin Ennis, PDDGM as Secretary, Sonny Gay, PGS as Chaplain, Linwood Polin as Senior Deacon, Aaron Stephens as Junior Deacon, Larry Morales as Steward, and Charlie Spears, PM as Tiler. Their willingness to serve is appre¬ciated; and with this level of experience, I am confident our work can and will be exemplary.

Rest assured that your new officers, along with the dozen or so brothers, who are regularly active in the Lodge, will do all in our power to sustain Harmony Lodge and to help it grow and prosper. Your regular atten-dance at the Lodge communications and participation in its activities is earnestly solicited. I believe that it is through participation in Lodge affairs that a brother’s masonic experience is made more meaningful and that the Lodge itself is therefore improved.

Make it a win-win situation! Come and participate so that both you and the Lodge can reap the benefits! Please know that you are always welcome at Harmony and I look forward to seeing you!


Paul S. Griffin,

Worshipful Master


I find myself at a loss for words! Imagine that. Since I remain your Lodge newsletter editor, you may rely on a continuing flow of information every month: listings of events and monthly meetings, Lodge work and the activities of your Lodge officers. I again request that any Brother who wishes to place his thoughts or feelings before the fraternity simply has to let me know via email (or snail mail), phone call, voice mail or smoke signal, and I will be delighted to publish his offering(s) in the Harmony Lodge newsletter.

Now I am the Senior Warden of Harmony Lodge and I have a feeling that events will move along a bit more rapidly and energetically for me than before. I may now officiate over Fellow Craft work as well as that of Entered Apprentice; our Worshipful Master will surely call upon me to conduct a Master Mason lodge before too long. Practice, practice, practice.

What are the Acient Landmarks?

Various Grand Lodges have adopted various lists of Ancient Landmarks and thus have given the tenets in the list the force of law in those Grand Lodges. But no Grand Lodge can make or unmake a landmark, any more than the Congress of the United States can make or unmake a law of nature. Congress might pass a law saying that the law of gravitation was hereafter to be inoperative, but presumably an apple rolling from a table would still fall to the floor!

Grand Lodges which leave landmarks undefined and unrestricted by listing seem to have the better practice, just as those churches which do not list the moral law clause by clause seem to have a better grasp of what it is.

The late great Charles C. Hunt, Grand Secretary of the Grand Lodge of Iowa, put this point of view in a few words:

“The Masonic conception of a landmark is fundamental law of Masonry which no body of men or Masons can repeal. Anything that can be adopted can be repealed. If a Grand Lodge has power to adopt, it has power to repeal. It is the very fact that they are unalterable which makes the landmarks similar to scientific laws which cannot be changed or altered by any man or body of men.”

It is probable that all English speaking Grand Lodges will agree that at least seven Masonic fundamentals are landmarks. These are:

a.       Monotheism, the sole dogma of Freemasonry.

b.      Belief in immortality, the ultimate lesson of Masonic philosophy.

c.       The Volume of the Sacred Law, an indispensable part of the furniture of a lodge.

d.      The legend of the Third Degree.

e.       Secrecy.

f.       The symbolism of the operative art.

g.      A Mason must be a freeborn male adult.

Every Mason should ascertain what his own Grand Lodge has adopted (or not adopted) as landmarks and govern himself accordingly. [One Hundred One Questions About Freemasonry, The Masonic Service Association, 2003]

During our recent officer installation meeting (Thursday, December 22), the Lodge Secretary handed me an envelope containing a letter from the daughter of a recently deceased Brother, James George Coclin, formerly of Orange, Connecticut. His daughter, Ms. Alexis Coclin, requests that I maintain his name on our lists so they can continue to receive the newsletter; and she enclosed two very endearing photographs of Brother Coclin. His obituary is reproduced on the last page. Unfortunately, I cannot reproduce the photographs and have returned them to Ms. Coclin.


Howard R. Harris

Senior Warden & NewsLetter Editor

Brethren, ,

I trust everyone enjoyed a safe and joyous Holiday Season. We welcome our new slate of officers and wish them good fortune in 2012. Please make this the year you return to Lodge activities and get a little more involved than you have been in the past few years.

This is an extremely busy time of year for your Secretary, what with all the reports being completed for submission to Grand Lodge, Brothers paying dues and the work of the Lodge. Please be patient with me during this time, as I am trying my best to make sure everything is completed accurately and in a timely fashion.

I look forward to 2012 being a banner year for our Harmony Lodge No. 22.

Respectfully and Fraternally,

Kevin V. Ennis, PDDGM



While shopping for the family Christmas tree, my daughter asked me why Poinsettias were used in church for Christmas. I answered, “I do not know.” My daughter was quick to reply, “But daddy you know every¬thing.” My first thought was how to record that message and play it for her when she turned 13. My second thought was how to get her to say that in front of my wife. Knowing that neither of these thoughts was going to come true, I thought it best to focus on the task of answering her question.

I started by asking people that I ran into that day. No luck. I then started calling people I was sure would know. Again, I had no luck. To my surprise, I could not find one person who could tell me why Poinsettias were used for Christmas. Then my daughter suggested we look on the internet. This is the story we discovered.

Poinsetta Christmas Tradition

In Nahuatl, the language of the Aztecs, the plant is called Cuitlaxochitl (from cuitlatl, residue, and xochitl, flower) meaning flower that grows in residues or soil.

The plant’s association with Christmas began in 16th century Mexico, where legend tells of a young girl who was too poor to provide a gift for the celebration of Jesus’ birthday. The tale goes that the child was inspired by an angel to gather weeds from the roadside and place them in front of the church altar. Crimson “blossoms” sprouted from the weeds and became beautiful poinsettias. The star-shaped leaf pattern is said to symbolize the Star of Bethlehem, and the red color represents the blood sacrifice through the crucifixion of Jesus.

In the United States, December 12th is National Poinsettia Day


Christian Sherbert

Junior Warden

Note: Your newsletter editor needs your correct/updated email address; please send it to him at howardharris@hargray.com.

“The cable tow is thus a symbol for the cord or bond of love, which should unite the whole fraternity. Its length or the length of your cable tow is the sacrifice you are willing to make on behalf of your brethren. It is in your heart, not to be measured by miles. It is not gauged by distances, but by the deed. It should correspond to immensity of the monitorial Lodge, and to do so should span the earth, touching wherever there is sorrow or distress. This is only a small part. I hope to have this available on our website in full. Please look for it, as you read our By Laws at www.AFM22.org.”

From Home Page WEB Manager

Dear Brethern,

Here is the calendar for January 2012.
(A copy in Adobe PDF form is here for easy printing and reading) PUT THIS CALENDAR ON YOUR REFRIGERATOR AS A REMINDER.

Wit & Wisdom

“Blessed are the young, for they shall inherit the national debt.”

-- Herbert Hoover

“The waste of money cures itself, for soon there is no more to waste."

-- M.W. Harrison

“Most people would succeed in small things, if they were not troubled with great ambitions.”

-- Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

“It is often said that men are ruled by their imaginations; but it would be truer to say they are governed by the weakness of their imaginations.”

-- Journalist Walter Bagehot

“How is the world ruled and how do wars start? Diplomats tell lies to journalists, then they believe what they read.”

-- Austrian Journalist Karl Kraus

“The advantage of taking an instant dislike to somebody is that it saves time.”

-- Spike Milligan

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday Dear Brothers, Happy Birthday to you!

01.02 Harry Carroll Matthews III

01.17 Robert Bruce Thompson

01.05 Richard Eugene Roper

01.22 Roger D. Kinzer

01.06 Royce Conard Chavis

01.24 James G. Coclin

01.10 Charles Lynn Pochie

01.24 Robert Van Pinkston, Sr.

01.13 Phillip Randolph Chaulder

01.25 Lewis Hicks Wright

01.14 Jamie Xavier Martinez

01.26 Harry Gresham Roundtree

01.15 Billy Frank Johnson, Jr.

01.27 Robert Rudolph Cooper, Jr.

James George Coclin, 87 of Orange, CT, formerly of Rhode Island, died peacefully on April 7, 2011 after a brief sudden illness. Private services and burial with military honors in the Orange Center Cemetery were held on April 9. Born in Augusta, Georgia, he graduated from Florida Southern College after having served in the U.S. Army in Europe during WWII. He was president of Coclin Tobacco Corporation, established in 1949. Jimmy was initiated into Freemasonry at Harmony Lodge No. 22, A.F.M. (Beaufort, SC) and became a 32nd degree Brother in the Valley of Tampa, FL, Scottish Rite of Freemasonry, S.J. He was a member of Elks Lodge No. 1672 (Winter Haven, FL), Egypt Shriners (Tampa, FL), Wepawaug Shrine Club (Orange, CT) and Orange Lodge No. 143, A.F. and A.M. (Orange, CT). He is survived by his wife Ellen and daughters Anastacia and Alexandra.

A memorial service will be [was] held at St. Barbara’s Greek Orthodox Church. Donations may be made to The Connecticut Hospice, 100 Double Tree Road, Branford, CT 06405 or St. Barbara’s Greek Orthodox Church, 480 Racebrook Road, Orange, CT 06477.

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