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O.E.S. 1st Tuesday, 8:00 PM
Rainbow Girls 1st & 3rd Mondays, 7:00 PM

Harmony Masonic Lodge No.22 A.F.M. News Letter for month of December 2010

Charles Gary Spears WM

Brethren, ,

The time has come to say good-bye as your Worshipful Master. It was a very busy year and I am proud and grateful to our officers for their wonderful support and expertise in the performance of their duties in our Lodge. Brothers, I salute you for a job well done. You have my respect and heartfelt gratitude. Thank you again.

Brethren of the Craft, you also have my respect and gratitude as well. What a pleasure it was to serve as your Worshipful Master. Masons claim to respect and uphold all men and treat them well. What made it a pleasure to serve as your Worshipful Master was the respect and support you gave to me when you elected me. Brethren, you also deserve a salute for this support and help. I truly believe that you practice what you preach. You have done well this year, and if any brother needs any help at any time, please feel free to call me. This applies as well to all you brothers who helped us from other lodges. Without your support, we could not have done so much, nor so well. Thank you, all.


Charles Spears

Worshipful Master

Brethren, ,

As I sit here writing this the night before Thanksgiving, I’m thinking of everything I’m thankful for: my wife, my children and grandchildren, my friends and my fellow Brothers are a few of my numerous blessings. We are truly grateful to be living in a country where we can have a day to be thankful for the things in our life.

This year of 2010 started off with a bang. It looks like it will end the same way. Harmony has had a very productive year. We have had a lot of Degree work, not to mention several special dinners. The Outdoor Degree this year was among the best we’ve ever had. December will be another full month. I hope everyone will make a special effort to be with us on December 9 for the nominations and open installations of the new officers for next year.

I would also like to express my appreciation for the great dinner prepared by Brother Christian Sherbert for the Awards Banquet. It was delicious. Christian and his wife Liz worked very hard on a turkey dinner with all the trimmings for the EMS and Masonic Awards Banquet. Thank you both.

Brother Howard Harris was named Mason of the Year. Congratulations, Howard, and thank you for all your hard work; especially thank you for the newsletter. I know Howard has his work cut out for him trying to get everyone to write their part, especially me. Thank you, once again.

Please remember to tell those in the Armed Forces how much we appreciate their sacrifice and how proud we are of them.


Craig Dopson

Senior Warden

Greetings Brethren, ,

The Holiday Season is upon us and we are very busy at Harmony Lodge. We will be participating in the City of Beaufort’s Night on the Town on December 3, host our regular Communication with election and open installation of officers on December 9, and initiate two Entered Apprentice masons on December 16. We will also celebrate St. John the Evangelist Day on the December 18.

Officer candidates for election were presented at the November meeting by the Nominating Committee and are as follows: Craig Dopson for Worshipful Master, Paul Griffin for Senior Warden, Howard R. Harris for Junior Warden, John Harvey, PM for Treasurer and Kevin Ennis, PDDGM for Secretary. Appointed officers were also recommended to the elected officers. If you anticipate occupying an officer’s chair for 2011, your dues must be paid prior to the election and installation at the December Regular Communication. Dues for 2011 are $65.25.

We still have a few of the Craft who have not paid their dues for 2010 ($65.25) and have been removed from the rolls as NPD (Non Payment of Dues). If any of these brethren pay their dues before December 31, 2010, I can reinstate them without a petition and formal investigation; otherwise, I cannot.

Dues are currently due for 2011. Brethren, please pay your dues in a timely manner to assist in the operation of your Lodge.

We encourage all the Craft to join with us this Holiday Season for fellowship and fun!

Respectfully and Fraternally,

Kevin V. Ennis, PDDGM



Your Senior Deacon has noted an unfortunate habit about the Lodge, which casts it in a negative light. Someone in our past had gone to a lot of trouble (no doubt without recognition as is to be expected in a devoted Mason) to gather a coalscuttle full of fine, high-quality South Carolina, pure crystalline coastal beach sand for the express purpose of dousing cigarette butts. Those amongst the brethren who wish to grab a smoke during periods of refreshment are encouraged to use this facility. The moist dewy grass at the front of the Lodge is NOT the place to throw your glowing cigarettes in the hope that the moisture will extinguish them. We can all agree that the appearance of cigarette butts on our lawn is most unappealing. Please attend to this small detail in a responsible manner and bury your butts in the sand! Thank you for your attention to this matter.

Answers to November’s puzzle:

Eduucation Department

A lecture on Cleopatra’s Needle will be presented by Springfield Lodge No. 217 of Springfield, Virginia at the Masonic Center in Charleston, SC at 7:00 pm. There will be a meal preceding the presentation at 6:00. The Masonic Center is located on Orange Grove Road, south just off Sam Rittenberg Boulevard. For those of you wondering what Cleopatra’s Needle is, the following will be of interest. If you are also wondering what this has to do with Masonry, well, you might want to attend the presentation. :o)

There are actually three Cleopatra’s Needles, although their host nations sometimes forget this in the literature they publish about these interesting and famous obelisks. One Cleopatra’s Needle is located in London, another in New York’s Central Park and another in Paris. The Needles share a very interesting and lengthy collective history, and they are very popular destinations for tourists.

The title “Cleopatra’s Needle” is a bit of a misnomer, as these hieroglyphics-covered monuments actually have nothing to do with Cleopatra. They were constructed around 1450 BCE on the orders of Thutmose III, using red granite quarried from the Aswan region. When finished, the Needles measured around 68 feet (21 meters) in height, and they weighed 180 tons. They were first erected at Heliopolis and later moved to Alexandria by the Romans, where they later collapsed and were buried in sand.

In 1819, the Viceroy of Egypt presented the nation of Britain with one of the obelisks. The British government, however, declined to deal with the hassle of transporting it and it wasn’t until the 1870s that a private citizen stepped forward with a scheme to bring this Cleopatra’s Needle to London. The needle was encased in a large hollow container designed for towing and nearly lost along the way, but it made it, and in 1878, Cleopatra’s Needle was installed in London, along with some faux-sphinxes.

In 1833, another obelisk was presented, this time to the city of Paris, where it was installed in the Place de la Concorde. The transportation of the obelisk proved to be an immense challenge and numerous interesting diagrams of the procedure are on display at the site where the obelisk is installed. The French also fabricated a new cap for their Cleopatra’s Needle, as the original cap had been damaged around the sixth century BCE.

New York’s Cleopatra’s Needle is located on the sprawling grounds of Central Park. It was installed in 1881, given to the United States after the success of the Suez Canal in the hopes of establishing positive trade relations between the United States and Egypt. You can find Cleopatra’s Needle in New York directly opposite the Metropolitan Museum of Art, which also happens to have a number of fine Egyptian artifacts on display.

The technical difficulties involved in transporting these incredibly large and heavy monuments were quite extensive, and these obelisks stand as monuments to the lengths to which people are willing to go to achieve a goal.

Congratulations Department

On 20 November 1860, American Lodge No. 98, A.F.M. of South Carolina was chartered. Exactly one hun-dred and fifty years later on 20 November 2010, American Lodge No. 98 celebrated in fine style. The event was marked by a Special Communication, an official visit by the Grand Master of Masons of South Carolina and a double conferral of the Third Degree. Accompanying the Grand Master were the District Deputy Grand Master, a District Deputy Grand Master from a neighboring district and four past Grand Lodge officers. There were also three sitting Masters of other lodges in the District in attendance. The roll of the charter members was read and, in spirit, all of those Brothers answered up.

Officers and Guests at 150th Anniversary of American Lodge No. 98, Ridgeland, SC.

The Master and officers of American Lodge No. 98 did a fine job of conferring the Degree in a solemn man-ner. As memorable as the Third Degree is to any Master Mason, American’s two newest Master Masons have two extra reasons always to remember their special day. In addition to it being on the 150th anniversary of their lodge, they were both raised by the Grand Master.

Following the Communication, all enjoyed a very good lunch with many Ladies present. The Worshipful Master gave a talk on the history of American Lodge No. 98, including its trials and tribulations during the wan-ing days of the War Between the States when the lodge was burnt to the ground by Sherman’s troops as they marched from Savannah, Georgia to Columbia, South Carolina.

Commemorative coins have been struck to mark the anniversary and were available to those in attendance. These coins are still obtainable at a cost of $20 and are a very fine addition to anyone’s collection. Worshipful Master Henry Garbade may be reached via email at hgarbade@chechessee.com or by phone at 843-589-9222.

Appeals Department

I am making a special appeal for volunteers to help with after-meal cleanup and keeping Harmony Lodge looking presentable. Please contact me at howardharris@hargray.com or by phone at 843-524-0981 (home) or 843-441-8317 (cell). If you know how to employ the action end of a broom or a mop and how to put dishes into a dishwasher or take out a bag or trash, once in awhile, I need to talk to YOU. As your 2011 Junior Warden, it will be my responsibility to organize a squad of dedicated cleanup volunteers, so give me a shout, please. Thank you.


Howard R. Harris

Senior Deacon & Newsletter Editor

Note: Your newsletter editor needs your correct/updated email address; please send it to him at howardharris@hargray.com.

From Home Page WEB Manager

Dear Brethern,

Here is the calendar for December 2010.
(A copy in Adobe PDF form is here for easy printing and reading) PUT THIS CALENDAR ON YOUR REFRIGERATOR AS A REMINDER.

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday Dear Brothers, Happy Birthday to you!

12/13 Clayton Howard Cooler

12/01 Craig Bernard Dopson

12/19 Christopher Robert Emde

12/31 Julian Donald Hightower

12/10 John Kirkland Hodgue

12/21 James Edwards Horton

12/02 James Edward Lamie

12/07 John W. Lovell

12/08 John E. B. McCallum

12/19 Robert Van Pinkston, Jr.

12/01 David Scott Spears

12/27 Bruce Waye Szelewa

12/30 Arthur Joseph Warren

12/04 Charles Frederick Weichkhardt

12/21 Micheal Clement West

Wit & Wisdom

“We need enthusiasm, imagination and the ability to face facts, even unpleasant ones, bravely.”

-- Franklen Roosevelt

“People might not get all they work for in this world, but they must certainly work for all they get.”

-- Frederick Douglas

“The white House is the finest prison in the world.”

-- Harry Truman

“What is wanted is not the will to believe, but the will to find out, which is the exact opposite.”

-- Bertrand Russell

“Life’s most persistent and urgent question is, ‘What are you doing for others?”

-- Dr. Martin Luther Jing Jr.

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