The following is a list of the PAST MASTERS since 1983


EDWARD ROGER SARVIS    -------------------------------------    1984

EDGAR RAY HANNA  -------------------------------------------     1985

CHARLES FREDERICK WEICKHARDT  ------------------------ 1986

DAVID SAUL KOZAK   ---------------------------------------------- 1987

JOHN JUNIOR PIERATT  ---------------------------------------       1988

LAURENCE EDWARD LAUGHLIN  --------- --------------------  1989

WRONNIE LAUNDQUIEST MYERS  ------------------------- -    1990

JOHN JUNIOR PIERATT  -------------------------------------------- 1991

JOSEPH DEPEW   ---------------------------------------------------    1992

JAMIE XAVIER MARTINEZ---------------------------------------   1993

EDGAR RAY  HANNA ----------------------------------------------  1994

JOHN GARY HARVEY    -----------------------------------------     1995

KEVIN USIF ENNIS  -----------------------------------------------    1996

CHARLES JACK FORD  --------------------------------------------  1997

WILLIAM  BEETCHER  -------------------------------------------   1998

DAVID SAUL KOZAK  --------------------------------------------   1999

NORMAN FRANCIS GAY   ---------------------------------------   2000

DAVID NORMAN GAY    ------------------------------------------   2001



The following is a list of the current Officers of Harmony

Lodge No.22 for the year 2001


David Norman Gay   --------------------------    Worshipful Master

Harry Gresham Rountree   -----------------------     Senior Warden

Rick Alan Krob  ---------------------------------------Junior Warden

John Gary Harvey   --------------------------------------    Treasurer

Robert Van Pinkston    ----------------------------------    Secretary

Paul David Carpenter    ----------------------------   Senior Deacon

Sammy Frank Domby   ---------------------------    Junior Deacon

Robert Dysart Cathey   --------------------------------         Steward

Scott William Robinson   ---------------------------------    Steward

Kevin Usif Ennis    -----------------------------------    Tiler Norman

Francis Gay   -------------------------------------               Chaplain



          Updated History for Harmony Lodge

 2002-2008 From Secretary’s Minutes

            By Howard R. Harris & Robert V. Pinkston, PGM


July 11, 2002 A proposal from Bro. Mark Henderson to sponsor a community Blood Drive.  He had been talking with the Low Country Blood Alliance, and if we sponsored one, the Lodge would get credit for every pint collected. We would encourage our members and friends to contribute. They would set up and collect each month at Wall-Mart and other places. After a certain amount had been collected, any member of the Lodge who may need blood, it would be given at no cost. They did reach the quota.


   The Lodge did participate a few times in a Food Bank & Help of Beaufort program.  January 2003.  Harmony Lodge had a coat drive. This was a program sponsored by Larry Mark of Furniture Warehouse, where they would collect used coats, have them cleaned and distributed to those in need in the community. Harmony did this a couple times.


   February 13, 2003.  Cub Scouts Pack 269 used the Lodge Hall for their Blue & Gold Banquet. 

   For the past 11 years or more, the lodge has been recognizing a member of the EMS of Beaufort, with a Banquet in the Lodge. They would along with the EMS Director pick a member who has made a contribution to the community by performing his duty in an outstanding manner. They were presented with a Plaque, and their name added to the overall large plaque. At this banquet Harmony would a award a plaque to the Mason of the year.


May 1, 2004. Beaufort Assembly #133 Rainbow for Girls used the lodge hall for a Spaghetti Supper for a Phone Card Fundraiser.


September 11, 2004.  Harmony Lodge had a Fish Fry Dinner fundraiser for the Lodge. Harmony Lodge has for many years had a dinner or lunch in celebration of it’s Birthday.


April, 2005 - At the Annual Grand Lodge Communication, Harmony Lodge #22 was honored to receive the H. Dwight McAlister Award for Journalism. This award is given each year to the Lodge with the best News Letter.

  2005 - Harmony Lodge received a letter from Wor. Brother Stephen Scull, P/M of Harmony Lodge #156, Plymouth, England inviting all Harmony Lodges in the US. to become members of the World Wide Harmony Lodge, which he was formulating. We did join, and bro Henry C. Chambers, did attend the first meeting in Plymouth, England.

(Side note on Bro. Chambers) After having been a Mason for 50 years

He was now serving the lodge as Senior Warden, being elected to the office in Dec. 2004. One Reg. meeting night, the Master was unable to attend, and Bro Chambers, ( S/W ) was presiding, as Worshipful Master for the first time. M/Wor. Bob Pinkston, Grand Master, presented Bro. Chambers with his 50 year pin, along with 2 others, Bros. James Adams and Dan Thompson.    

   2005.  The Daughters of America used the Lodge for their meeting several times. Avon distributor also used the Lodge on several occasions.

  December 2006 - Bro. Henry C. Chambers was elected to the office of Worshipful Master, Mark Henderson, Senior Warden, C. F Weickhardt, Junior Warden, W/B John Harvey, Treasurer, and Kevin Ennis, Secretary. In January, with Bro. Chambers as Master, they all hit the ground running. With September 15th being the 250th Anniversary of the Lodge, there was a lot be done. A book on this Historic event, compiled by W/Bro Chambers, is in the Lodge Library, as well as a copy in the time capsule of the New City Municipal Center.


250th Anniversary Celebration



The United States of America     Proposed by Henry C. Chambers,

Grand lodge of England and Craft Proposed by Proposed by William Ten Eyck, PM.

Grand Master & Grand Lodge of S.C. Proposed by Stephen Scull, P.R.R. S.G. Harmony Lodge 156 Plymouth, England.

4th Masonic District and Brethren Proposed by, Rt/Wor. Rickey Smith, P.M. DDGM                                                       

Past Masters of Harmony Lodge 22 Scott Robinson, P.M.                                         

Harmony Lodge #22 A.F.M. Proposed by H. Gregory Hiers, P.M.PDDGM

The Ladies Proposed by Lawrence Laughlin, P.M. PJGD

The Guests Proposed by Kevin Ennis, P.M. Secretary

The Tyler’s Toast Proposed by Robert V. Pinkston, PGM,


      There were 9 Toast given at the Banquet on Saturday evening September 16, 2006.

      Copies of these toast will be printed in the updated history of Harmony Lodge # 22.

      Fundraiser BBQ Dinner at “Night on the Town” 11/18/06 This has become an an fundraising event each year.

     Dec. 27th 2006 - The Lodge held it’s first St. John the Evangelist’s Festival Day. The Speaker for the evening was our own W/Bro. Kevin Ennis. He presented a paper entitled FIRE AND WATER. Very well received by all in attendance.

     Dec.  Meeting. W/Bro Chambers was re-elected as Wor. Master.

    April 2007, W/Bro Kevin Ennis was appointed by G/M Jerry Carver, to serve as DDGM for the 4th Masonic District.

    April 2008 W/Bro Norman F. Gay was appointed as a Grand Steward by M/Wor Grand Master Jerry Carver.

During the year W/Bro Chambers sold his home and purchased a Yacht, which he lives on. In the process, he stored his furniture at the Lodge and other places.

   May 2008 -   The Lodge later held an auction at the Lodge and the proceeds from the sale was donated to Harmony Lodge, in the amount of $5370.15. W/Bro. Chambers also deeded to the Lodge a house on Hermitage Road that his Son lived in, who had passed this world, for a better place.

July 10, 32008 Sons of Confederate Veterans may use dining room monthly.

Sept. 11, 2008 - Sponsor Young Life Holly Konoza Memorial Golf Tournament

                    Update on the E. E. Morris College Assistance Fund

                                                      1996 - 2009

  In August 1996, We issued the first checks to the first High School Students that had applied for the assistance. They were Heather Inez Beetcher, and William Eugene Rawl. Since that time we have given assistance to 33 High School Students.

 During that time the Board decided to double the amount of assistance, due to the increase in College fees. We gave assistance to 6 students for their Masters Degree.

  The students were selected from applications from dependents of Master Masons of the Lodges in the 4th Masonic District. Since 1996 we have given assistance to 33 high school students, in the amount of $329,500.00. The amount that we started with was a little over $250,000.00.

   In August 2006, we had 10 students in the program, with assistance in the amount of $20,000.00. At that time with the funds we had left, we calculated that we would not be able to start another student, as we would not have enough funds to continue.

   In Jan. 2009 we issued the last checks to the last remaining 4 students, in the amount of $9,000.00. This closes the program, which we are sure that Brother E. E. Morris would be well pleased with what we did with his wishes.

    We are planning on a dinner for all of the students in the program, in hopes of having as many as possible in attendance. 

     The permanent members of the board are John G. Harvey, President, Robert V. Pinkston, Secty/Treas., Kevin U Ennis, Fred G. Horton, and Andy Lancaster. There were other non voting members that served on a one year basis. (Top 3 officers of Harmony Lodge 22 and the officers of the 4th dist. Master & Wardens club) We thank each of them for their service.


The following is a list of PAST MASTERS since 2001


HARRY GRESHAM ROUNDTREE   -----------------------2002

RICK ALAN KROB    -------------------------------------------2003

SAMMY FRANK DOMBY JR.   ----------------------------  2004

SCOTT WILLIAM ROBINSON   ---------------------------- 2005

HENRY CARROLL CHAMBERS  -------------------------- 2006

HENRY CARROLL CHAMBERS  -------------------------- 2007

J  HOWELL  YOUMANS  ------------------------------------- 2008

DAVID  S  SPEARS  -------------------------------------------  2009



The following is a list of the current Officers of Harmony

Lodge No.22 for the year 2009


DAVID S SPEARS    -------------------  WORSHIPFUL MASTER

CHARLES    SPEARS  ------------------------- SENIOR WARDEN


JOHN GARY HARVEY, PM  -----------------------  TREASURER

KEVIN USIF ENNIS, PDDGM  ---------------------- SECRETARY

PAUL S. GRIFFIN   ------------------------------ SENIOR DEACON

HOWARD R. HARRIS -------------------------- JUNIOR DEACON

LYNWOOD POLIN  ------------------------------------     STEWARD

NICHOLAS THOMSON  ------------------------------     STEWARD

J HAWELL YOUMANS, PM  -------------------------------   TILER





Leslie Adam Bryson 

John Myrick Griffin, Jr.

Vaughn Howard Meese

Christopher Robert Emde

Gregory Thomas Bell

Richard Charles Donathan, II

James Allen Remsey

Timothy John Gurley

Rudolph  Robert Cooper, Jr.

Aaron Joseph Brooks

Clayton Zachary Farrar

Jason  Bradley Stowers

Daryl Bruce Rhoads

Paul Spivey Griffin 

Nicholas Daniel Thomson

Tyler Andrew Melnick

Hendrick Van denEnde

Howard Ray Harris

Matthew Peter Rea

Charles Wayne Ragsdale

Chance Edward Vann

Justin Michael Manning

Stephen Roger Pethe

Mark J Henderson

Ladd Wilkie Shepard

Edward Jude Michels

Steven John Curless

John Howell Youmans

David Scott Spears

Charles Gary Spears




  Arthur Martin Berger

  James Watson Bradin

  Howard Philip Cahill, Jr

  Mark Steven Campbell

  Jerry Wayne Edwards

  James Herbert Leach

  John W. Lovell, III

  Henri Charles Monnier

  Elias Whildon Nettles, III

  Michael Grier O’Neill

  William Biddle TenEyck



   September 10, 2012

  This is a little update on the Cornerstone in the Beaufort County

  Courthouse. About a year or more ago, Beaufort filed a complaint

 With the contractor that installed the stucco.      


    After reaching an agreement, The Frazier Construction Co. was   awarded a contract, to remove the stucco, and replace it with brick.   This work was started in August 2012, and of course the cornerstone had to be removed. On September 10, 2012, The Contractor did not want to take the responsibility, and Mark Roseneau, for the County, called me, (Robert V. Pinkston) to come down and see about getting it removed. After checking the Pink Marble marker, I felt that I could remove it without much of a problem. Having been a Past Grand Master, and knowing a little about Cornerstones, I proceeded to remove it, with a small flat chisel and hammer. It took about 30 minutes, and I brought it home till they get the brick up and ready to replace it. I also brought the box of contents with me.


  This is just as little update on this Courthouse.  This Cornerstone was laid as noted, in 1990, by the Grand Master of Masons of South Carolina and the Grand Lodge Officers.


  In 2012 as the contractors were removing the faulty faux stucco exterior I was called to remove the cornerstone, until they had bricked over the concrete block.


  On the date above, the front as well as most of the building was completed, and I was called to replace the cornerstone, and the contents of the copper box. Along with this note, and copy of the news article dated December 26, 2012.


 Robert V. Pinkston,

 Past Grand Master

 Past Secretary, Harmony Lodge #22





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