Harmony Lodge, # 22, A.F.M.

Depot Road, Beaufort, S.C.


Regular Communications - Second Thursday-8:00 PM (Light Refreshments Prior)

Dues $50.00
Special Communications 7:30 PM
O.E.S. 1st Tuesday, 8:00 PM
Rainbow Girls 1st & 3rd Mondays, 7:00 PM

Norman F. "Sonny" Gay, W.M.


Trestleboard Article April 2000

I once had a friend die in my arms and I have never forgotten his name. I wish I could hear him call my name again. As brothers, we call each other brothers even through we are not of the same genes, when you meet, do you really need to call his name if you know him and he knows you? No, just a sign will do, but if you call him by name then he knows you care. We are taught then we are in trouble; we should call upon our brothers for help. But who do you call upon when youíre in trouble and there is no one around? God is always there even thought the pain is so great you canít cry out.
QUOTE Ė Masonic Light June, 1968
For hundreds of years this splendid Institution has been the enemy of tyranny, and the defender of justice. For hundreds of years, Masonry has been the foe of ignorance, and the friend and promoter of education. For hundreds of years, it has taught virtue and denounced vice. It has been the advocate of every principal by which truth can be advanced, the vindicator of every virtue that adds to the sum of human happiness and in its name have been done the sweetest acts of charity that have ever been done under the stars. And, so I say, it is not because of itís great age that we are devoted to Masonry, but because of what it has done to make the world better and to make mankind happier. Dallas Grover
Harmony Lodge is starting to grow again and it is great. Any of the Lodge brothers that havenít been to lodge lately are missing the togetherness there is of brothers working together to better the world about them. Come and eat and help spread the cement that unites us. May God Bless!


Sonny Gay, W.M.

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