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O.E.S. 1st Tuesday, 8:00 PM
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Harmony Lodge 22 Newsletter

Howard R Harris

No. XI

No. 4-6

A.D. 2014
April - June
A.L. 6014


Christian Sherbert, WM
1200 Brotherhood Way
Beaufort, SC 29902


Please contact your Lodge Secretary
to determine your dues and membership status.

Paul S. Griffin, Secty,

One Cotton Court
Beaufort, SC 29907

Your frequent appearance at our regular meetings is earnestly solicited.


The first quarter of 2014 is behind us and while we have not yet had any work in the Lodge, we have been busy with the business of the Lodge. In 2014 we have already tackled the following:

  1. We scheduled a Lodge clean-up day for Saturday, March 29th from 8-11 am.  We will have coffee cake and coffee.  Please come and lend a hand.
  2. We have procured new insurance coverage with Kinghorn Insurance of Beaufort before our drop-dead date of February 3rd from our previous carrier.
  3. We have reviewed the roof condition and discovered we are currently in good repair.  We did go ahead and get an estimate and outline for preventive maintenance to increase the longevity of our roof to 50 more years.
  4. We appointed a committee who reviewed our current mailing list and established the following:
    1. Reduce mailing of newsletter from monthly to quarterly and only to those members of Harmony Lodge 22 who are in good standing.
    2. Email newsletters monthly to all current members in good standing with the goal of getting as many updated email addresses as possible.
  5. We have established a Memorial Garden Committee consisting of Brothers Sam Baker, Craig Dopson PM, and Howard Harris PM.  They are looking into highest and best practices throughout Masonry with this type endeavor and are preparing a comprehensive report for us for our August Regular Communication.  Come and see what they have to share.
  6. We, through the guidance of Henry Chambers PM, are working on a memorial plaque to be a dedication on the new fire house located on Ribaut Road.  Details will follow during our April Regular Communication.
  7. We have set a volunteer cooking schedule for Regular Communication and work.  Anyone wishing to sign up to share their culinary skills, please contact Christian Sherbert at (843) 575-54667 or via email at Christiansherbert1@gmail.com.



Christian Sherbert

Worshipful Master


Dropped, N.P.D.

A Lodge gains members (1) by raisings; (2) by affiliations; (3) and by reinstatements of members previously dropped for non-payment of dues. It loses members (1) by deaths; (2) by demission; and (3) by dropping for non-payment of dues. A Lodge has some control over all three ways to increase membership, but only some control over two ways to lose membership (as there is nothing it can do about deaths).

It may be argued that a Lodge has no control over petitions, yet of two Lodges which possess concurrent jurisdiction that Lodge which does better work and makes its meeting more attractive to its members, attracts more petitions.

Only two classes of members owe dues to a Lodge: (1) those who can pay and do not; and (2) those who cannot pay and do not. No Lodge worthy of the name ever intentionally dropped any brother who could not pay his dues. Therefore, brethren dropped for non-payment of dues are dropped only because they will not pay. By refusing to live up to their obligations, they drop themselves.

The only action a Lodge may take to preserve membership for a brother who cannot pay, is to pay for him. Whether this process is called “carrying” or “remitting” or “paying,” the rock bottom fact is that when the Lodge continues on its roll a member who has not paid his dues, the Lodge is actually making a charitable appropriation and the brother whose dues are remitted is the recipient of Lodge generosity.

The first attack on the N.P.D. problem is to convince the brother who can pay, and does not, that he does not wish to be dropped. One way to do this is by an appeal to his pride. There are certain inescapable consequences to being dropped and the record cannot be expunged.

Does the brother who is about to drop himself know that permanent record of the fact is printed in the Proceedings of some Grand Lodges to stand for all time in hundreds of libraries? That his name, coupled with his failure to pay, is forever in the minutes? That reinstatement cannot change these records? That if he is dropped for a certain period of time, he must again pass the ballot in order to be reinstated? That being dropped compels every other masonic body to which he belongs also to drop him? That the Mason dropped for non-payment of dues has no right to Masonic burial? If he does not know these things, telling him of them may have a salutary effect!

A second method of preventing a brother from dropping himself is to entice him to remain by showing him the advantages of membership.

Has he reflected that he has paid a substantial sum for the privileges of membership, which is now about to be lost forever? Does he know of the very attractive program planned for the next year? Is he willing to be left out of social activities which may have been planned by the Lodge, not only for his own sake, but for that of his family? Does he desire his reputation to be one to emulate, or one to be held up as an unworthy example to his younger brethren?

The most effective way of preventing any droppings, is to bring him into membership in a Lodge which is so attractive, which provides so much for its members, which puts on such good degrees, which provides such interesting and instructive Masonic occasions for its members that no one is willing to be dropped.

“. . . And Give Them Proper Instruction.” The Masonic Service Association, February, 1988


David Spears

Senior Warden


Why is it un-Masonic to disclose how one has balloted?

In all Grand Jurisdictions the ballot on candidates is secret and inviolable. It is considered un-Masonic, and in most Grand Jurisdictions is against Masonic law, for any brother to divulge how he has balloted or will ballot on any candidate. Masters are instructed strictly to adhere to this requirement. Peace and harmony are the foundations of all Masonic meetings. For Brother A to learn that Brother B has balloted or will ballot against his friend would disrupt that peace and harmony. The rejection of a candidate is a blow to him who has applied. If everyone knew who had cast the black cube, the rejected man might speedily learn, and a cause of friction in the profane world would then have come out of a Masonic lodge.

A ballot is sometimes immediately retaken, because the appearance of a single black cube may be an error; the cube may have been cast by mistake. If the single black cube appears the second time, presumably it was intentionally cast.

Ballots differ in different Jurisdictions. In some, a “collective ballot” may be taken on several candidates at once; if a black cube appears, each name is then balloted on separately. In others, a “multiple ballot box” is used, with a compartment for each name, which is printed above it. In still others, each name is balloted on separately from the beginning. In most Grand Jurisdictions, one ballot elects to all three degrees. In some, a separate ballot is taken for each degree, and in one, at least, still another ballot on “moral qualifications.” But in all Grand Jurisdictions, ballots are secret, inviolable and regarded as a cornerstone on which the fraternity is erected.

[One Hundred One Questions About Freemasonry, The Masonic Service Association, 2003]


Howard R. Harris

Senior Deacon & Newsletter Editor

People sometimes refer to Freemasonry as being a “Secret Society.” In one sense the statement is true. Any social group or private business is “secret” in the sense that its business meetings may be open only to its members. In Freemasonry, the process of joining is also a private matter, and its members are pledged not to discuss with non-members certain parts of the ceremonies associated with the organization.

Freemasonry does have certain handshakes and passwords, customs incorporated into later fraternities, which are kept private. They are means of recognizing each other – necessary in an organization which spans the entire world and which encompasses many languages.

The tradition of using handshakes and passwords was very common in the Middle Ages, when the ability to identify oneself as belonging to a building or trade guild often made the difference in getting a job or in obtaining help for yourself and family. Today, Freemasons make the same pledge to every member that he will be offered assistance if he, or his family, ever requests it.

Freemasonry can’t be called a “secret society” in the literal sense. A truly secret society forbids its members to disclose that they belong to the organization, or that it even exists. Much of the Masonic ritual is in books called “Monitors” that are widely available, even in public libraries. Most Freemasons wear rings and lapel pins, which clearly identify them as members of the fraternity. Masonic lodges are listed in public phone books, Masonic buildings are clearly marked, and in many areas of the country Masonic lodges place signs on the roads leading into town, along with civic organizations, showing the time and place of meetings.

In terms of what it does, what it teaches, who belongs, where it meets, there are no secrets in Freemasonry! It is a private fraternal association of men who contribute much toward the public good, while enjoying the benefits of the brotherhood of a fraternity.


Newsletter Policy Change:

At Harmony Lodge’s March 13 Regular Communication, a decision was made to reduce the costs of publishing our newsletter.  Henceforth, the newsletter will be published on a quarterly basis beginning with the April 2014 edition.  Those members in good standing who have valid postal addresses will receive their newsletters by First Class Mail.  Those members who have functioning Email addresses will receive theirs electronically.  If for some reason you have not been receiving your newsletter, please contact the Secretary and confirm your personal data.

When you attend regular communications at Harmony Lodge on every second Thursday, brethren who do not have email addresses may find copies of the present month’s newsletter conveniently available on the jewelry cabinet just inside the dining hall door.  There will only be a modest number of these copies available – perhaps 10-12.

If you have recently acquired a computer and/or a smart phone, and have established an Email address, please make sure your Newsletter Editor has it at your earliest convenience.  All you have to do is send him a message at jabberwocky1943@gmail.com.

Thank you for your support.

Brethren, Note: Your newsletter editor (WM) needs your correct/updated email address; also your birthday (MM/DD). Please call him or send it to him at 843-441-8317(cell) or jabberwocky1943@gmail.com.

ALSO: Harmony Lodge is in need of a cook. Please call or email your Worshipful Master to step up to the plate and volunteer for this important job.

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Dear Brethern,

Here is the calendar for April - June 2014.
(A copy in Adobe PDF form is here for easy printing and reading) Put this calendar on your refrigerator as a reminder.

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday Dear Brothers, Happy Birthday to you!



Harry Harley Mills


Jonathan Daniel Radu


John Gary Harvey


William Andrew Lancaster


Anthony Forest Howard


Samuel Martin Heuertz


Paul Randolph Bazemore


Millard J. Morgan


Charles John Winscott


William F. Martin II


T. Gillard Pinckney


Michael D. Smith


Harry Exley Carr


Ken Lee Clapper



Please note that important changes are in the offing. It is important that the brethren have Email capability, or access to a computer, or a friend or relative with a computer and Email capability. It is almost certain that the Harmony Lodge newsletter will, in the near future, be sent out via Email and only by First Class mail to those 90 brethren in good standing. If you value the information and inspiration found in your monthly newsletter, you have some time to become computer friendly, so please consider this brotherly word of good will.

Also, if you wish to do without the monthly newsletter by post or by Email, attending lodge meetings is always the best idea.


Howard R. Harris

Senior Deacon & Newsletter Editor

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