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And now for Harmony Lodge 22’s second edition of The Pocket Masonic Dictionary, Masonic Service Association, October 1996:




Holy structure which is the focus of worship.  In the Masonic lodge, it is the emblem of the Sanctum Sanctorum or Holy of Holies which contained the Arc of the Covenant.


Response to the ending of prayer; signifies completion; follows “So Mote It Be.”

Ambulatory Lodge

A traveling lodge established in a branch of the service; moves with the service unit(s).

American Rite

York Rite:  Symbolic Lodges, Royal Arch Chapters, Cryptic Councils, Knight Templar Commanderies

Ample Form

Opening, closing ceremonies by Grand Master or his representative.

Ancient Craft Masonry

Consists of the first three degrees of Masonry:  Entered Apprentice, Fellow Craft and Master Mason

Androgynous Degrees

Degrees conferred on men and women.

Anno Depositonis

Year of the Deposit; date used by Cryptic Masonry.  Add 1000 to A.D. date.

Anno Domini

Year of the Lord; common date.

Anno Inventionis

Year of Discovery; date used by Royal Arch Masons.  Add 530 to A.D. date.

Anno Lucis

Year of Light; date used in Ancient Craft Masonry; add 4000 to date Anno Domini.

Anno Mundi

Year of the world; date used in Scottish Rite; add 3760 to date Anno Domini.

Anno Ordinis

Year of the Order; date used by Knights Templar.  Subtract 1118 from A.D. date.


Grand Lodge in England, 1751.


Anti-Masonic Party, formed 1826 after William Morgan was alleged to have been murdered by Freemasons.

Apple Tree Tavern

Where Grand Lodge of England was organized, 1717.


One who violates obligations and renounces Masonry.


Badge of a Mason; necessary clothing in lodge; properly made of lambskin.


Rough ashlar, unsquared stone; perfect ashlar, stone ready for use.


Craft meetings.


Seeker for knowledge


Meeting place of nights Templar.


Non-believer in Deity.

Atholl Masons

Antient” Masons of which third and fourth Dukes of Atholl were Grand Masters.

Badge of a Mason

Lambskin apron.


Ball, cube or paper secret vote.


Israelites sealed contracts by removing shoes; in ancient usage bare feet marked respect.


Insignia of office of Marshal and/or Master of Cermonies.


Formal blows of gavel, or hands.

Blue Lodge

Lodge working the first three degrees.

Blazing Star

Symbol of Divine Providence.


Left-hand pillar in porch of Solomon’s Temple.

Book of Constitutions

Volume of laws governing Freemasons.

Book of the Law

Holy Book on the Altar; VSL – Volume of the Sacred Law; Sacred Book on Masonic Altar; in most lodges the Bible; in some countries other Sacred Books.

Brazen Pillars

Two, in porch of Solomon’s Temple, flanking entrance; Boaz & Jachin.

Broken Column

Emblematic of untimely death.


Secondary laws governing body adopting them.


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