Why is Masonic Ritual regarded is so Important?

Truth may be taught without ritual, but truth taught by ritual is always taught as the ordinal teachers desired and makes a lasting impression upon the mind of the learner.

Man has always devised ceremonies of initiation for his organizations; the Men’s house of the Indians has them; savage tribes bring their young men officially to manhood by rites which are sometimes rather terrible; ancient religions admitted to the temple only those who could quality by successfully completing a course of initiation; many modern churches – especially those denominated “high” – have set forms for religious worship; crafts and guilds of all kinds in all ages have had certain preparatory rites.

A ritual which becomes sacrosanct in human belief tends to stabilize truth and to keep it uncontaminated by “modern” ideas. Many a man has thought he could “improve” the ritual of Freemasonry. None has succeeded in making that which was already “best,” since its consent was and is living, breathing, sentient truth, conveyed in words, actions and symbols which b their very antiquity prove that they are “best” for the purpose.

Dr. Joseph Fort Newton, beloved teacher of the spiritual aspect of Freemasonry, said: "Ritual is the dramatization of belief, hope and spiritual dream. It assists imagination by giving form to what otherwise would remain formless, presenting vivid mental images which lend a reality-feeling to what is often abstract and unreal. It is picture philosophy, truth visualized, at once expressing and confirming he faiths and visions of the mind."From (Source: MSA Digest – 101 questions About Freemasonry)"

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