10 Masonic Words

And now for something completely different: ten words, taken from The Pocket Masonic Dictionary, Masonic Service Association, October 1996:





“My father,” used as a term of respect


Eastern plant, sometimes a tree; evergreen; emblem of immortality


(v) to join a lodge when already a Master Mason; (n) one who has thus become a member

Age, lawful

Qualification of candidate; generally twenty-one years

Ahiman Rezon

Book of Constitutions in South Carolina and Pennsylvania; name is variously translated, but “intimate bother Secretary” is commonly accepted


Notice of desire for admission; mode in which notice is given


Fable, legend, concealing lesson or truth

All-seeing Eye

Masonic symbol of Deity; found upon Great Seal of the United States

Almond tree

Has white flowers; symbolic of old age, when hair turns white

Alpha and Omega

First and last letters of Greek alphabet, meaning “beginning and ending”


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